ASCCP Mobile App Reviews

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Wish I wouldnt have wasted $10 on this app, papreader has the same info and is free.

Too expensive

Not bad idea. Not very practical. Too expensive

Needs iPhone 6 update

Been a year. For $10 they could afford to update the UI

Great App!

Extraordinary tool. Recommended by a GYN Oncologist, it is simple to use & to the point. A must have for any OBGYN or primary care physician.

Was better before the update

Before the most recent update the Asccp app was very easy to use, now however the management guidelines are harder to access

Great app

This app is excellent and easy to use. It has been updated and much better. It now includes management algorithm for primary HPV screening as well as age-based screening guidelines all on one page. At $9.99, its on the pricier end of the app spectrum but every doctor (or NP or PA) involved in preventative healthcare for women should have this app.

Excellent clinical aid

Easy to use. Saves a lot of time in clinic. Worth every penny.

Womens health NP

Huge time saver. I feel its very user friendly and well worth the money spent!

Very helpful

Slightly confusing but much better than using the PDF. I use it for all my pap results. Worth the cost.

Nurse Practitioner

This app is invaluable!

My most used App!

Kudos to ASCCP! This App is so helpful and efficient. You can input a patients entire pap hx and get the ASCCP guideline recommendation. Worth all 10 bucks!

Great App

Use it often. Usually provides information I need.

needs work

This app looks good, but for $10 it should include the normal screening guidelines. As of this review, for normal screening guidelines it refers to the website and you have to dig through a powerpoint slide (pages 28, 34 and 46 of 55 for those who want to find it). One of the best uses of the information by the ASCCP is to eliminate unneeded testing. Some older/stubborn docs who continue to do paps every year will continue to do them every year because this app doesnt provide this essential information. Fix this and you have a 5 star app.

Very Helpful!

Great in clinical setting

New update wont load

Its been stuck in "installing" status for a while now.

It is amazing!!

This app is amazing. I was very hesitant when I saw the price was $10 because I am super cheap. But OMG, this app is well worth the $10. Everyone should get it. It is "The Bomb"!!

A must-have for clinical practice

A timely app to assist the clinician through the maze of recommendations for Pap Smear abnormalities.

Great App!

Very easy to use, and I really like the accessibility of a phone app.

ASCCP app is great

Very helpful. Highly recommended.

Works exactly the way youd expect

And thats awesome

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