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Wish I wouldnt have wasted $10 on this app, papreader has the same info and is free.

Simply Phenomenal

I saw the price and wondered whether this would be worth the investment. But in a word --Phenomenal! This app is up to date which decreases the chances of error following biopsy reviews, especially with the ever changing guidelines for 18-30 year olds. There is no more guessing, gestalt thinking or running back and forth to the guidelines. Your consultant is in your phone! With an organized structure, this app walks you through the pap and hpv cytology and gives age specific recommendations. It even allows for follow up cytological evaluation, so you can see what you need to do next, based upon what you have already done in the past. Nothing else that I have seen gives this type of scenario. Adding to this you are also able to run simulations so that you can see what might be done if the pap comes back differently. This is a God send. Especially when dealing with advanced age abnormalities and the ever changing guidelines on "Negative Pap, positive HPV" cytology results. This is an app for professionals only and I would not recommend the lay public purchase this app because you will have more questions and cause yourself more worry. But if you are a Medical Professional currently doing Paps, Colposcopies and/or LEEPS you should invest the money and purchase this. It is well worth the money. Well done ASCCP on a brilliant app. It is my hope that this will keep up with the changes made in the guidelines as time goes by over the next few years.


I love this app. There is an error in the algorithm for 21-24 ascus with negative HPV. It should go to "routine screening" but instead goes to "cytology in one year". The "cytology in one year" is for ascus with positive HPV or LSIL. There was an indication this was fixed today but does not appear as it was. Overall love the app.


Cant live without this app. It is easy to make medicine difficult, and it is difficult to make medicine easy. This app helps me multiple times a day!


This app makes the Algorithms easier to follow. I use it on a daily basis to verify follow up for each of my patients. I love this app! I definitely recommend Providers to use it.


Use it daily and saves me so much time


Pregnant guidelines are not correct yet. I hope they can fix it soon. They recommend leep on a 23yr HGSIL patient. Otherwise ok. Doesnt store information.


This simplifies the increasing complex pap algorithms. I use it fairly frequently. Its worth the $10 cost not having to reference a separate algorithm grid.

Best medical App Ever

This app is extremely helpful!! Worth every penny!


why stop with the pap and next step. We need help with the follow up!!! etc. with all the complicated new guidelines. Wasnt worth $10

Very helpful

User friendly. Very easy to use. Worth the $9.99


A great help in cervix clinic!

ASCCP mobile

Very concise and helpful


Helpful, concise, easy to use and accurate


Love this app. Cant provide up to date care without it!

Very convenient

Helpful to triage paps quickly in clinic and to teach women about new guideline for cervical cancer screening.


Need this to navigate all the complex new guidelines. Worth $10!


Amazing! Totally invaluable.


Very helpful!

Almost perfect, but still worth the price

This app has already saved me a lot of time looking things up. If it only had the routine screening guidelines (either text or algorithms) it would perfect.

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